hi im ron. people say im bananas, they’re probably right.

I bought pokemon y yesterday at 3pm
there’s 17 hours on it now



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Using y = mx + b to measure the slope of that ass.

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Someone ban me from the internet please.


Someone ban me from the internet please.

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so tim found this video of a rivaille/levi cosplayer dancing on a pole
which led to me forming headcannons about his past

and then

pretty woman au featuring smith and levi:


some grad student decided to climb to the roof of one of the social science buildings at my college and take off his clothes.

he just laid there until the fire department came and got him down.

this will be me by the time i graduate. i have gazed into my own future.

me too naked guy, me too.

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me too jean

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I made a thing

I made a thing

I’m laughing so hard

because I can totally see me piloting MechDonald unit 00

and shofra doing her thing in a giant mecha hamburglar

and then squidgee piloting a giant grimace unit 01


They just added next semester’s fees to my bill

Tuition went up by $1000. Also, they’re charging me $2000 for some expensive ass insurance because my old insurance expired. Not to mention $100/$200 increases for my meal plan and housing. Grand fucking total before financial aid?


I like going to Rice and what not but holy shit.
It’s a struggle. It’s a war.

Let’s be honest

I only watch Teen Wolf for Isaac. And I really liked this episode.

First of all Daniel Sharman is the hottest thing ever. Secondly, the main problem I have with this show is that they came up with such wonderful side characters yet they have given them virtually no screen time. As sadistic as it sounds, I love it when Isaac shows the effects of his Dad’s abuse. It’s endearing and sad and I just want to hug him. He doesn’t get enough attention. 

I also really liked the Erica character that they decided to kill. Her background won my heart but they made her into an ultra bitch and I just don’t understand why. I get that she embodied that built up teen frustration—both sexually and socially—but she became such a mean character and that doesn’t really make much sense given her background. They should have had her use that hyper-sexuality and anger to take revenge on her past bullies. Now that would’ve been great. Also Boyd is lonely. ☹

I hope we get much more Isaac because holy shit he’s so great.




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